When I Pray for You

I cannot even begin to describe how magnificent and heavenly Matthew Paul’s Turner new book truly is. My children and I love all of his books and read them daily, but this one—oh, my heart! I was in tears as I read it to my boys and Abby (currently in my womb).

The text is a profound prayer that rhymes. It carries words that hug not only the heart of a child, but the hearts of parents. I tend to look for children’s books based on a dual metaphor—stories young children can easily connect to and a more profound one parents can interpret.

The illustrations by Kimberley Barnes convey a message of compassion, tolerance, empathy, and social awareness—all are key in order to enrich our children’s lives and add to the value of humanity through what God’s word teaches. 

Matthew’s first book, When God Made You, was instrumental in my writing journey—it aligned my heart to a world of faith based books plus inspired me to write my own children’s stories to ignite spirituality and encourage the pursuit in finding God in everything.

I pray God continues to bless, guide and lead Matthew in all that he writes. He has been such an example of humbleness, encouragement and kindness. An example I hope to embody when God opens the door for my work to get published. 

I also pray you all add this literary jewel from above to your home libraries.

I’ll pray you chose hope should you ever face fear. And seek wisdom with patience when the pathway’s unclear.

That you will love others, whether strangers or friends, with the same kind of love that God feels for them.

I’ll pray you keep shining. That God keeps refining. That your story reflects what in you God’s designing.

That you’ll give and you’ll share with compassion and care. That how you live life will, to God, be a prayer.

-Matthew Paul Turner, When I Pray for You.

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