Can the Sun Melt This? Science Experiment

I have always thought of children as brilliant little scientists. It is important to engage with our little ones in fun activities that encourage cognitive connections. This experiment was a HUGE hit with my boys and super simple. 

Materials Needed:

  • Muffin tin
  • Cupcake liners

I asked the boys what items they thought would melt outside in the sun. They went around the house and chose a variety of things such as food, paper, toys, even toothpaste. Let your little ones get creative and use those thinking skills!

Then they placed each item in the muffin tin.



I also made this Sun Melting Result sheet for the boys to check off each item.


We then went outside. The boys stayed and watched the items for a few minutes. They were excited! The ice cube started to melt instantly and they could not stop touching it.


It was lunch time and REALLY HOT outside, so we went in to eat.

About 30 minutes later, I brought the muffin tin inside so the boys could see the results.

My oldest could not believe the toothpaste stayed intact, while my youngest was surprised that the banana did not melt.



My oldest would read each item out loud and check off the list, while my youngest would yell, “melted!” or “not melted!” I greatly enjoyed seeing them working as a team.

These were the results!


One thought on “Can the Sun Melt This? Science Experiment

  1. That’s an amazing idea !
    I’m trying with my kids today, and the weather is perfect to do this experiment , is 92 degrees outside .
    Thanks for your brilliant ideas.

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