Introducing Young Children to Poetry

“Owl, what is poetry?” “Oh, poetry! Poetry is bright stars in the branches, moonlight on the grass, and silent wings to take me wherever I go. Goodnight, dear Daniel,” she whispers, and flies off into the night.

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Encouraging Creative Thinking in Visual Arts

Marisol rummaged through the box of paint but could not find any blue. “How am I going to make the sky without blue paint?

I believe every aspiring artist can draw inspiration from Marisol’s situation. Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds is a small book, but don’t allow that factor to mislead you as a reader. This small book transmits a powerful message of how thinking outside the box leads to enormous creativity. Read More

Take What’s Inside You And Make The World Better

Comprehending our origins can indeed be a difficult subject. The challenge in teaching future generations, comes with providing a foundation in understanding rather than dividing. Personal beliefs, religion, culture, and family, all play a pivotal role in shaping who we are. Concluding one person’s story based on these perspectives, ultimately leads to global misconception. Books with a message of tolerance, empathy, and social awareness have the potential to enrich our children’s life plus add to the value of their humanity.  Read More