The Gift of Life

A woman’s body is such an amazing vessel designed by God. We are made to GROW, BIRTH and NOURISH another life. I personally think that with this kind of gift comes a huge responsibility. God is entrusting us with His precious jewels. Read More

Where Has Your Penny Been?

Growing up, I used to believe that pennies one found on the ground came from Heaven. I’ve instilled my love of finding things that have spiritual significance in my kids. I love when we find little things along our path that inspire us with a nudge of love from above—like feathers. In fact—not too long ago—we a had jar filled with feathers.

When my eye caught a glimpse of the little girl holding the penny on the cover of Oh, The Places You’ve Been—I felt I had come across something very special.

The story is about a little girl who finds a penny and listens to its whispers. She discovers and learns all the adventures the penny has been on. Read More

Culturally Diverse Picture Books

When my 10 year old son confided that he identified more as a Mexican-American because no one in his school was Cuban—or even knew where Cuba was—I gasped. My mind traveled back to the future. 

Growing up as a Cuban-American, I felt culturally confused. My family was from this country that I did not know much about.

As a young girl, I loved books and never saw a Cuban-American character portrayed in literature. I longed to see a protagonist that symbolized my culture’s representation—especially since I had never been to Cuba and almost all my family lived there. I desperately longed for something to connect through my love language—reading. How I wish I would have had All the Way to Havana by Margarita Engle as a child to get a glimpse of the sights, people and life on the island. Read More