My heart overflows with a pleasing theme; I address my verses to the king; my tongue is like the pen of a ready scribe. ~Psalms 45:1

Hello, my lovely friends! My name is Arlene—a daughter of the King of kings. I’m a wife and mama. I am also a former Christian preschool teacher. Oh—did I mention I’m a bibliophile and writer?

My children’s books are written to ignite spirituality and encourage the pursuit of finding God in everything. Stories that celebrate compassion, love for others, kindness, and treating people who are different with respect—values rooted from Biblical teachings.

In order to see things from God’s perspective, we need to put on our spiritual glasses.

May God bless all of you! I am forever grateful for the support, love and encouragement I receive from all who are reading my words. I can’t wait until these books make their way into your homes and the hearts of children. It is all for HIS glory and Heavenly Kingdom. I am just the co-author.

I pray my writing serves a purpose to encourage others to see the power in God and literature. Just as the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, books give us wings to take flight. Literature transcends time and imagination while faith transforms and ignites our souls. It is indeed the alignment to humanity.  ~Arlene Abundis