Becoming an Author

Untold stories lurking within one’s head,

Traveling outward and ready to spread.

A cosmic lighthouse navigating one’s flight,
Precisely as Jay Gatsby’s green light.

Much like Mary Lennox’s transformation through a bit of earth,
Where despair and tragedies are given a rebirth.

Conceiving of formidable characters into reality,
Parallel to the essence of Elizabeth Bennet’s vitality.

Exploring uncharted worlds through the unconscious stream,
Resonating to Edgar Allan Poe’s Dream Within a Dream.

The road to becoming an author is not easily traveled,
Revealing exclusively all that was innately struggled.

Where often purpose is defined by brokenness,
Encompassing perseverance through hopefulness.

An author’s allegory is to reach mental compelling,
Leaving readers a faint perfume of one’s storytelling.

Becoming an author can be the alignment to one’s soul,
With the sheer purpose of making it whole.

~Arlene Abundis