The Knob of a Door

I have read The Secret Garden countless times since I was a young girl—a beloved story. I now feel such a strong connection to Mary Lennox’s hero’s journey—it resonates immensely to my present season of life. The door that opens the secret garden is a symbol that transforms Mary, giving her the opportunity to heal through a newly discovered purpose and meaning. Read More

A Magical Enclosure

     The Secret Garden transmits pivotal psychological concepts, influenced by the fairy-tale style. The story’s theme emphasizes the power of positive thinking and unity, contributing to the genre of children’s literature. Burnett utilizes the garden as a symbolic form of magical thinking to give Mary and Colin a rebirth, examining Bettelheim’s concept in the fairy tale’s existential predicament, further exploring how the children’s emotional hardships lead to the empowerment of one another. Read More

We Are All Masterpieces

You An exclusive design, one God refined, you’re a perfectly crafted one of a kind. ‘Cause when God made you, somehow God knew that the world needed someone exactly like you.

When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner and David Catrow, is a compelling book that will nurture the hearts and minds of children. This book embodys such a profound message. Children should consistently be reminded that they hold unique talents, gifts, and capabilities that this world needs. Each one is a masterpiece, that brings art and creation into existence. Read More