Remember her? She’s been waiting for you.

Think back to your childhood days, how would you describe yourself?

I am more than certain that YOU beautiful mommy, were once a young girl full of endless dreams.

I personally know how one can easily loose herself in motherhood. It’s what all magnificent moms do. You give all of your inner self day after day, without realizing how little you actually contribute to YOURSELF.

You are a EVER flowing fountain for everyone, but more than often a drain for yourself. What irony!

Being a mother was always my dream. I love children and envisioned myself in this role from a young age, but I have always placed my needs last. Do you do that as well?

For me personally, I have come to the understanding that it stems from my permanent scar in low self esteem, from my grade school years of being bullied.

I thought a good mom gives up all her goals and aspirations to tend to her family’s every need.

You would think that with my psychology and child development knowledge I would have known how necessary it is to have balance.

My boys need to grow up observing a strong mother who is also a woman that reflects purpose and tenacity.  It is through our example of how we demonstrate our passion for life, that our children learn what purpose is. They need to see a mom who knows she is worthy and capable of all things.

Throughout my childhood I wanted to mirror…

A brave and intelligent dragon warrior like the character Elizabeth in the book The Paper Bag Princess.

A strong gymnast like Kerri Strug.

An inspirational writer like Anne Frank.

A talented singer like Selena Quintanilla.

A determined model like Tyra Banks.

A magnificent writer like Jane Austen.

All while wanting to one day get married, have 5 children and be a teacher.

No ma’am, I wasn’t crazy! I was simply a young girl with many ambitions. A girl who was exerting the facets of her personality and dreams.

Where did this endless dreamer go? She is still in me waiting for my return.

This is what I am currently doing for her!

I decided to go forward in finishing my college degree. If my sons ever feel like giving up, I pray they remember my example to keep growing intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

It’s never too late to fulfill and accomplish your life goals. A beautiful heart and mind can coexist to make a difference in this world.

Launching this blog was a dream that became a goal. A fusion of my two passions: writing and child development. But you know what? It’s turned into a platform that provides me the opportunity to encourage, support, inspire and empower mothers. A newly found purpose I feel enormously within.

To the strong, intelligent, brave, powerful mommy reading this, do something for that little girl that you once were.

Take it slow, but start somewhere.

It can be as simple as to actually drink your warm cup of coffee or tea every morning.  Take a shower before bed, make time to read your favorite book, go for a walk, order pizza once a week, take a nap, watch your favorite show, go grab coffee with a friend, take that workout class you have been wanting to. Make a small commitment to take better care of your mental and emotional health.

As you start to accomplish small 10-20 minute goals of self-love, it will naturally blossom to greater ones.

This is not about neglecting your family, career or responsibilities. It’s about remembering to slowly love yourself again.

So what were your dreams as a little girl to change the world?

Remember her? She has been waiting for you. She lives within. Go find her! 

2 thoughts on “Remember her? She’s been waiting for you.

  1. Absolutely beautiful! My girl has been lost within for a while. I’ve dreaded going back to school to finish my BSN in fear that I might neglect my kiddos, husband, and home. I’ve settle with just being an LVN because I know it’s enough to pay the bills and it’s a career but my dream is to become an RN. It’s funny that becoming a mom is what led me to this dream and ambition and soon after my son was born I dove right into college again and finished my nursing degree. Although I’m not where I want to be, I am inspired to start somewhere! I need to love myself for at least 30 mins a day and believe that it’s not going to make my family fall apart! Thanks so much for sharing beautiful friend! ?

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