Navigating emotional development in young children.

Do you have a little one who tends to “wreck” other’s creations? Toddlers and preschoolers are often learning how to navigate emotional development and awareness. It’s one tough job! This book is a dinotastic way to help our young ones comprehend not only emotions, but empathy, self-control, and compassion.

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No! The Universal Word of Parenting

How often do you find yourself uttering the word NO to your children throughout the day? If the answer was more than you like, CONGRATULATIONS! You are normal! That word is practically the basis of parenthood. We as parents mean well, after all, we are navigating through tough terrain on a daily basis. We strive to teach and protect while our little ones display extra bursts of mischievousness. Read More

A is For Animals!

We have been working on the letter A and since Josh is quite fond of animals, he was thrilled with these simple concept activities.

We first read various books about different types of animals. We had open ended discussions about the places animals live and what they eat.

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