The Carrot Seed’s Message of Self-Confidence

“Mommy, I just can’t do it!” These were the words my youngest exclaimed while in the process of attempting to create a house with magnetic building tiles. It had been a couple of days that I had observed seeds of self-doubt in his behavior, which was unlike my driven and often too determined three year old.  Read More

Remember her? She’s been waiting for you.

Think back to your childhood days, how would you describe yourself?

I am more than certain that YOU beautiful mommy, were once a young girl full of endless dreams.

I personally know how one can easily loose herself in motherhood. It’s what all magnificent moms do. You give all of your inner self day after day, without realizing how little you actually contribute to YOURSELF.

You are a EVER flowing fountain for everyone, but more than often a drain for yourself. What irony!

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