Hold My Little Hand Mama

I remember the exact day I took this picture. We were out running errands and I was in a rush to get everything done before picking up big brother from school.

He suddenly reached for my hand, holding it ever so tightly. Time magically stopped.  I looked into his deep brown eyes, smiled, and imagined him whispering these words to me.


Hold my little hand mama,
guide me everyday.
Teach me all the things,
that will help my mind and heart grow.
Help me open my treasure chest,
so that I can find the gift I carry within.
One day I will be bigger,
my little hands will slowly learn to let go.
But I will never forget that you were the one, who was always guiding and loving me so.

Young children have this incredible energy. They live moment to moment, helping us realize the true meaning of being present. They do not follow our mindless concept of time.

Living in the present and being happy is a child’s mantra. They are not worried about checking off the next thing on a “to do list”.

They embrace and value life in the most honest form. 

Isn’t it incredible how our children end up teaching us the most important lessons in life?

When I became a mother, I learned the true meaning of selflessness. I relinquished the number one position to my children. This mommy doesn’t get breaks, sick time, or even time to go to the bathroom alone.

It’s been a LONG time since I just sat and enjoyed the art of eating. My cup of coffee is actually still sitting on the counter as I write this, but that’s ok. I am slowly learning to embrace this season of my life.

Each season of parenting is an opportunity to cherish moments of joy and take in the essence of our child’s spirit. We are witnessing a grand masterpiece unfold before our eyes.

So mommy or daddy reading this…

If parenthood has you feeling like you failed somehow, remember this: being a mother or father is the greatest and most influential calling you will ever have.

It’s not meant to be easy, it’s going to test you beyond capacity. It will push you like never before, but your children will not remember your hard days.

They will take mental photos of your endless smiles, laughs, kisses, and hugs while holding on to all the I LOVE YOU’S.
Give them more of that and don’t be so tough on yourself. You are doing an incredible job.

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