“My Grandma snuggles are the best and God gave her to me.”

Grandma Snuggles is a sweet board book that honors the Grandmas in our lives. My one year old daughter loves the different animal illustrations that depict this very special relationship. I also use it to engage my daughter in learning about different animals and the sounds they make. For example, when I point to the duck, I ask, “What does the Grandma duck day?” She then quacks in delight. “What does the Grandma cat say?” MEOW! MEOW! Read More

The Importance Of Protecting Our Planet and Animals

I often wonder what animals will my future grand children get to see in the wild. Shouldn’t animals be able to roam in their natural habitat freely, without the threat of endangerment? We must teach both present and future generations the importance of nurturing our planet while protecting all species that inhabit it. Read More