The Importance Of Protecting Our Planet and Animals

I often wonder what animals will my future grand children get to see in the wild. Shouldn’t animals be able to roam in their natural habitat freely, without the threat of endangerment? We must teach both present and future generations the importance of nurturing our planet while protecting all species that inhabit it.

The Polar Bear by Jenni Desmond, is a magnificently and beautifully illustrated book that brings awareness through research. Her non-fiction work is  visually captured through detailed illustrations of arctic scenes from the polar’s bear’s biology and natural habitat. Desmond uses a combination of pencil, crayon, watercolors, and acrylic paint to create these detailed Arctic life scenes that connect the reader’a imagination response to the facts.

The story is about a curious little girl and her journey of getting lost in imagination while she reads the same polar bear book as the actual reader. What a powerful psychological alignment that Desmond created for her audience. The text and illustrations both examine and explore collectively. It’s no surprise this book won the Sendak Fellowship recipient and was New York Times best children’s illustrated book of 2016.

This book is beneficial for all age groups, since it details factual information and research about polar bears. My boys enjoyed learning about the polar bear’s senses, layers of fur, how they do not hibernate, but enjoy sleeping, and the three ways they hunt for food.

I particularly appreciated the author’s note and how Desmond stresssd the importance of climate change.

Today the biggest threat to survival is climate change. This is because polar bear’s depend on sea ice to hunt for food, but as the world’s temperatures rises, Arctic ice has begun to melt earlier in the summer and freeze later in the autumn. This means that polar bears now have less available food during the summer months.

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