Have you ever had an unwanted thought? The importance of understanding mental health.

“For every child who has been weighed down by sadness or anxiety, this story teaches kids how to acknowledge unwanted thoughts, show them compassion, then actively replace them with positive thoughts instead. Catching Thoughts is a quiet, thoughtful story that teaches readers how to practice mindfulness, focusing on thoughts that bring beauty, joy, and calm into their lives.”


Catching Thoughts by Bonnie Clark and illustrated by Summer Macon is a timely book that helps little hearts with the mental health challenges that are part of the human experience. Troubles do not discriminate. Catching Thoughts highlights the necessary inner and outer strength to face unknown thoughts helping young readers develop and learn to process complex emotions. 

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“My Grandma snuggles are the best and God gave her to me.”

Grandma Snuggles is a sweet board book that honors the Grandmas in our lives. My one year old daughter loves the different animal illustrations that depict this very special relationship. I also use it to engage my daughter in learning about different animals and the sounds they make. For example, when I point to the duck, I ask, “What does the Grandma duck day?” She then quacks in delight. “What does the Grandma cat say?” MEOW! MEOW! Read More

The Little Things That Run the World

My little lady loves bugs. She squeals in delight when she finds one. One of her first words was actually “bug!”

The Backyard Bug by Lauren Davidson is a beautiful picture book for ages 3-5 that “follows the journey of a curious little caterpillar as it makes a big discovery—and meets lots of backyard bugs along the way!” It also has engaging learning opportunities and activities. Plus, the pictures are AMAZING!

Lauren Davidson is an Entomologist—aka “bug mom.” She is awesome and I love living vicariously through her magnificent Instagram captures @bugsologist.  Read More