The Journey of Visual Storytelling

A remarkable adventure without a single word. A magical doorway that unlocks awe-inspiring worlds. Journey by Aaron Becker manifests the essence of the phrase, a picture speaks a thousand words.  Read More

Once There Was A Tree… And She Loved A Little Boy.

What books did you love as a child? The Giving Tree was one of my favorites. Now as an adult, I learned the remarkable power this beloved classic truly carries. As I was reading it to my own children, a new level of interpretation arose. A much more complex yet meaningful metaphor.  Read More

Where Do Balloons Go When You Let Them Go Free?

Has your child ever let go of a balloon? Let me tell you the story of what happened with my little guy.

One day, my husband bought our youngest a Power Ranger mylar balloon. My little guy was over the moon since he loves balloons! He asked me to hold on to it to keep it safe. He was afraid that it would fly away. In the frenzy of getting all the bags out of the car, I unintentionally did the unimaginable. I LET IT GO!  Read More