Family history and conversations on trying new things.

Happy ebook birthday to The Little Boy Who Wouldn’t Eat Cheesecake by Christina Myers illustrated by Katherine Carver!

I connected with Christina through a #PB event on Twitter and Instagram. She is a beautiful soul who inspires me immensely. When she contacted me about her picture book launch, I was elated to be part of the team to help get this beautiful story out there. Plus, my boys have also never wanted to try cheesecake because they find the concept for this dessert rather odd—this book was the perfect alignment.
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Prayer For My Daughter

I never imagined I would have a daughter. I love having boys and figured God tailor made me for that role—filling their days with stories of Gideon, Samson, David, Daniel, Jesus, Apostle Paul—to name a few heroic men of the Bible. 

Now, I am a mother longing to impart the knowledge and strength of biblical women to my daughter. Women of the Bible faced overwhelming odds, found strength, faith, and courage to join God’s story.  Read More

Growing Through Unexpected Soil

Are you in a season of wait? Waiting is tremendously difficult no matter what you have asked God for—especially when you feel like He is not answering your prayers. What if the seed you have placed in His hands, is actually growing—through unexpected soil? 

Our situations of wait may be completely different from one another because there are endless needs and scenarios, but one thing I know for sure—no matter what situation of wait God has placed you in, the feelings we experience are the same. Emotions such as hopelessness, doubt, worry, fear, agony and despair.  Read More