The Little Blue Truck and His Kindness.

The Little Blue Truck has become a beloved classic in our home. I added it to our library when my oldest began kindergarten. He expressed to me that some of the kids would not play with him, even through his continuous efforts to be kind. The message this book conveys is how seeds of kindness harvest fruits of love and friendship.

The story is about a friendly Little Blue Truck who always has time to say hello to his friends while driving by. One day a yellow dump truck, who was quite grumpy and in a hurry, passed aggressively by The Little Blue Truck and exclaimed, “I haven’t got time to pass the day with every duck along the way!”

The yellow dump truck attempted to swerve around a puddle, but his wheels got stuck in the mud. He honked for help but no one cared. Then he heard the “bump, bump, bump” of The Little Blue Truck who came to rescue him.

The Little Blue Truck also became stuck trying to save the yellow dump truck and called for the help of his good friends. One by one they came to help.

“Thanks, little brother, said the Dump to Blue. You helped me and they helped you. Now I see a lot depends on a helping hand from a few good friends!”

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