A is For Animals!

We have been working on the letter A and since Josh is quite fond of animals, he was thrilled with these simple concept activities.

We first read various books about different types of animals. We had open ended discussions about the places animals live and what they eat.

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Fostering Emotional Intelligence

As adults, emotions tend to often drive the perspective of our day. It is the same case for children. The only difference is that young children are learning how to process them.

Emotional intelligence is the understanding of how to interpret and express emotions.

When we foster emotional intelligence in young children, they will be better communicators and have an overall greater sense of self-awareness.  Read More

Cut and Tear Experiment

What child doesn’t enjoy cutting and tearing things? This was a favorite classroom activity with my preschoolers back in my teaching days.

I decided to surprise the boys with this fun experiment!  Read More