“My Grandma snuggles are the best and God gave her to me.”

Grandma Snuggles is a sweet board book that honors the Grandmas in our lives. My one year old daughter loves the different animal illustrations that depict this very special relationship. I also use it to engage my daughter in learning about different animals and the sounds they make. For example, when I point to the duck, I ask, “What does the Grandma duck day?” She then quacks in delight. “What does the Grandma cat say?” MEOW! MEOW!

This pandemic has been hard on all of us, but especially on children and grandparents. Our lives have been forever changed. The elderly are the ones most at risk in getting the virus, so we do all we can to protect them by staying home. We miss spending time with our loved ones. I especially miss my mom. I am grateful for living in a time where technology makes it easy to connect and see each other everyday.

When my lovely friend Glenys Nellist asked me to be part of her book launching team, I felt honored. I love her work. God has given her such a beautiful gift in writing for very young children while spreading His gospel. Her testimony and life trajectory is inspirational. She is the type of author who encourages, uplifts and supports other writers in every stage. Also, launching a book in the midst of a pandemic is uncharted territory that makes promoting it very difficult. I will always do what I can to support the advancement of literature and the authors/writers who have been aligned to my life. 

I preordered a copy for my mom so she can have one at her house to read to all her grandchildren. She has four in total —3 from me and one from my brother. Her heart is full and she always tells me how she praises God for her precious grand babies. My mom is a very loving and affectionate Grandma—a blessing to our family. 

I love the book’s message message that all grandmas are special in their own ways.

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