Teaching God’s Principals to Future Generations

Did you know that home is the foundation where your child’s personal relationship with The Lord begins? It’s like a seed—God planted each of those little souls in your dwelling and it’s your job to water them with His teachings so that God can grow their gifts. 

Every Thursday, I write a spiritual note with a bible verse for the boys—a reflection that I pray brings them a deeper desire to know more about our Savior. 

We also read scripture everyday together and pray—for my youngest son, I incorporate activities to help him understand and connect with the Bible stories. 

God’s doctrine in the foundation of scripture never changes, but times and generations do. Our children are filled with questions—they think, analyze and ponder more than previous generations because of all the knowledge and technology they are exposed to. This is not a bad thing! It’s a perfect window of opportunity to teach and connect on a more spiritual level as they challenge us with their questions. Let us embrace their curiosity, ask God to guide us how to nurture it and teach them in order for them to connect more to Jesus Christ through their spirit of inquiry. 

A good teacher knows the importance of connecting to their students not only on a intellectual level, but an emotional and spiritual level. Respect is a mutual component—it is not given but earned. The student must be able to trust the teacher because without connection on all these levels, there is no opportunity for correction. 

Here are some of the things I use to teach at home: 

• A children’s bible

• Faith based picture books

• Biblical children’s workbook

• Children’s Bible App (which is free)

• Biblical cartoons such as Veggie Tales 

God opened the door for all of this advancement in technology—don’t be afraid to utilize it to teach your children—a newer generation who NEEDS to learn and connect differently than in the past.

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