Whimsical Wings

As a writer, I am profoundly influenced by nature—particularly birds and winged creatures that grace my path. When I first began writing my children’s books, a blue scrub jay would sit outside my bedroom window. He would visit every mid morning—captivating my heart with songs that sounded like poetry, and becoming my beloved writing companion. His wings were a symbol to soar as high as the sky. God aligned him to my path as a source of revelation, because as soon as I finished writing my book, he stopped coming. I now only catch glimpses of his blue hues here and there, but I am immensely grateful for his inspiration.

Here is an ode to my majestic blue friend.


Whimsical Wings

You soar across my window pane,

revealing your colors to my brain.


Your whimsical blue wings,

paint pictures of many things.


The calming hue of the sky and sea,

the shade inside of me that longs to be free.


These fleeting encounters stabilize my core,

empowering my very own flight and capability to soar.


Catching another glimpse of his wings,

makes my heart sing.


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