“Make every mistake a new mission to grow.”

I was overjoyed to receive a copy of Being Me from A to Z  by Lauren Kukla and Aviel Basil. This book not only teaches the alphabet, but “inspires kids to be their best selves.”

Letter M was one of our favorites! “M is for mistakes—yes, make them you will, missteps and missed chances and milk that you spill. You’ll hurt someone’s feelings, you’ll step on a toe. Make every mistake a new mission to grow.”

This was such a perfect alignment since I have been working hard to instill in the boys that God’s grace is all we need and that He works best in us through our weakness—that’s how His power and name are magnified (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Mistakes are an opportunity to draw us closer to God and teach us how to grow spiritually.  

I did a fun alphabet hunt with our bath foam letters. I scattered and hid the letters all around the home. We also put bandaids on the letter M and discussed how mistakes help us grow. God can use a mistake to make us better people. I emphasized how it’s important to understand when we do something wrong, apologize, pray and ask God to give us strength to not make the same mistake again. 

For all my fellow Instagram users—I’m hosting a giveaway on there and gifting a copy of this wonderful book. It ends on August 23rd, 2019 at midnight. 

So head on over to Insta for the official details and rules. ?

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