It is never too late to be what you might have been. ~ Mary Anne Evans (pen name, George Eliot)

I have desired for quite some time to share with all of you my current journey. My passion for reading and writing has merged into a newfound dream in becoming an author. It’s quite incredible how things have transpired. When I began the blog, I never imagined it would lead me to where I am today—writing my own stories for children. It has also led me back to college, initially to finish up my child development degree. However, sometimes in life, you get lost in a new dream and goal—which for me happens to be literature. A study of education I am now majoring in.

I pray—unceasingly for guidance, strength, knowledge and wisdom in the unraveling of the literary gift I feel to share with the world. Each one of us was created with purpose and carry a treasure within. I finally understand mine and have written children’s books. My manuscripts are out to agents and independent publishers—placing me in the season of waiting for doors to open and coping with rejection. Meanwhile, I continue to write and create more stories. In my heart, I am already an author.

I comprehend that the road to traditional publishing is a difficult one. Determination, persistency, dedication, patience, research, hard work and  revisions are but a few requirements in this profession. Not to mention learning to see rejection as a source of fuel to propel one’s creativity rather than stifling it.

This past semester at school, my inspirational children’s literature teacher, Ms. Kang, encouraged the class to participate in a poetry contest hosted by the English Society. Since childhood, I have a great love for poetry and the magical powers in stanzas—I went for it! I thought the theme of the contest, becoming, was quite fitting for the journey I am embarking. I placed fifth out of more than fifty contestants and it was an honor. The most important aspect as a writer, is to take every opportunity to enhance one’s skills.

I have decided to share my poem with all of my readers, who have been such an important part of my transformation. From my heart—thank you immensely for the continuous support and encouragement.


Becoming an Author

Untold stories lurking within one’s head,

Traveling outward and ready to spread.
A cosmic lighthouse navigating one’s flight,
Precisely as Jay Gatsby’s green light.

Much like Mary Lennox’s transformation through a bit of earth,
Where despair and tragedies are given a rebirth.

Conceiving of formidable characters into reality,
Parallel to the essence of Elizabeth Bennet’s vitality.

Exploring uncharted worlds through the unconscious stream,
Resonating to Edgar Allan Poe’s Dream Within a Dream.

The road to becoming an author is not easily traveled,
Revealing exclusively all that was innately struggled.

Where often purpose is defined by brokenness,
Encompassing perseverance through hopefulness.

An author’s allegory is to reach mental compelling,
Leaving readers a faint perfume of one’s storytelling.

Becoming an author can be the alignment to one’s soul,
With the sheer purpose of making it whole.

4 thoughts on “Becoming…

  1. Love it! That poem really hits the spot! #bestofluck for the new journey. Waiting for your first book with your autograph haha

  2. I just know you are going to make it !!! Someday soon I will see your book displayed at Barnes and Nobles where you will be doing a signing and I’ll say hi! Do you remember me from instagram? ?

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