We Are All Masterpieces

You An exclusive design, one God refined, you’re a perfectly crafted one of a kind. ‘Cause when God made you, somehow God knew that the world needed someone exactly like you.

When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner and David Catrow, is a compelling book that will nurture the hearts and minds of children. This book embodys such a profound message. Children should consistently be reminded that they hold unique talents, gifts, and capabilities that this world needs. Each one is a masterpiece, that brings art and creation into existence. Read More

Encouraging Creative Thinking in Visual Arts

Marisol rummaged through the box of paint but could not find any blue. “How am I going to make the sky without blue paint?

I believe every aspiring artist can draw inspiration from Marisol’s situation. Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds is a small book, but don’t allow that factor to mislead you as a reader. This small book transmits a powerful message of how thinking outside the box leads to enormous creativity. Read More

From Paper Bag Princess to Paperback Mom

“Why did I drink all that juice for lunch?” I thought to myself, sitting there in the girl’s restroom stall at school. “Maybe I wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom so much if I drank less. Just maybe she won’t come this time.” CLANK! CLANK! CLANK! Breathe Arlene. Breathe. Read More