Remember her? She’s been waiting for you.

Think back to your childhood days, how would you describe yourself?

I am more than certain that YOU beautiful mommy, were once a young girl full of endless dreams.

I personally know how one can easily loose herself in motherhood. It’s what all magnificent moms do. You give all of your inner self day after day, without realizing how little you actually contribute to YOURSELF.

You are a EVER flowing fountain for everyone, but more than often a drain for yourself. What irony!

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Who said motherhood was suppose to be perfection?

Today’s mothers feel an enormous amount of pressure to do it all or “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!”

Well, you can just tell that imaginary Queen of Hearts to go shove that cup of tea up you know what!

Even with my educational background in early childhood development and my passion for teaching children, I STILL struggle in finding balance.

However, I know I am not alone. Through the incredible community of mothers I have surrounded myself with on social media, and our friendships, I realize there is an epidemic of  unrealistic “perfectionism” on the rise.

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