Our Weekly Screen Time Solution

I was thinking the other day how my boys are growing up in a fast paced world of everything touch screen and technology. That’s just how life is. It evolves and we adapt.

I have always thought that technology is an incredible tool for learning. However, iPads, iPhones and the many different tablets available out there can become an obsession, especially to a young child.  Read More

The Play Years

Have you ever sat down with a preschooler and paid attention to the way he/she engages in a conversation? The way that preschoolers think, speak, create scenarios, imagine ideas, ask endless questions, is the the reason I fell in love with this age group and chose to teach. I have always called them little scientists.  Read More

Understanding A Child’s Learning Style

As you begin to read a book, or even as you are reading this very sentence, you are not normally thinking about the process of how you are actually reading every word. Your mind has acquired the skills to cognitively distinguish each word and comprehend them immediately.  Read More