Fall Writing Frenzy Contest

Happy fall everyone! I’m excited to be entering my first writing contest via Twitter. I’ve been hunkering down while doing research and writing a middle grade novel. This is such a fun opportunity! 

Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez
and Lydia LukidisFall Writing Frenzy Contest is open between October 1-3. You have to write a story no more than 200 words inspired from one of the 15 provided pictures. 

The picture I chose, my story, and a brief author’s note are down below. I can’t wait to read all the entries! 

Rin the Witch Meets a Black Hole

by Arlene Abundis 

Rin the witch lives in her lovely black forest.
Where everything grows darker with sunlight. 

One night, a boy steps out of the sky.
“I’m Braden.”

What’s that following you?” Rin the witch asks. 

“It’s my black hole. Don’t worry—it’s trained.” Braden says.

The black hole swallows some bat flowers.
“Sorry—an accident.” Braden smiles.

Then it guzzles black poppies.

The black hole consumes some green wizards. “Sorry. It does give its galactic nucleus a nice glow.” Braden notes.

sucks in all the black sunflowers.

Black crystals are absorbed next.
“Sorry. Sometimes it prefers liquid forms.” Braden explains. 

“Not the black heart vines!” Rin the witch yells.

Chocolate cosmos are the final stellar snack. 
“Sorry. Chocolates are its favorite.” Braden points out.

Suddenly, the black hole…


A long and stinky peanut shaped bubble of gas covers Rin the witch. 

“Enough of this dark matter!” Rin concludes.
She takes her magic out.
Pops the GINORMOUS bubble.

Rin the witch activates a death energy spell with dark dimension plants and black star lilies. 

It grows like cosmic rays colliding with the center of the black hole and Braden.

Morphing them into…

Rin the witch’s first…


Cauldron pot. 

Author’s Note 

This story was inspired by The Black Forest (AKA: fairytale kingdom) in Germany. It’s located in Baden-Württemberg East of the Rhine River. 

My curiosity for botany, alchemy, and Kat Von D’s beautiful gothic garden. 

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    1. Thank you immensely for all your constant love and support, my lovely Amiga. I miss you. Sending you a black hole hug! I promise mine is trained.
      *Wink Wink*

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