The Little Things That Run the World

My little lady loves bugs. She squeals in delight when she finds one. One of her first words was actually “bug!”

The Backyard Bug by Lauren Davidson is a beautiful picture book for ages 3-5 that “follows the journey of a curious little caterpillar as it makes a big discovery—and meets lots of backyard bugs along the way!” It also has engaging learning opportunities and activities. Plus, the pictures are AMAZING!

Lauren Davidson is an Entomologist—aka “bug mom.” She is awesome and I love living vicariously through her magnificent Instagram captures @bugsologist.  Read More

Autobiographical books and their impact.

These two books are EXTRAORDINARY reads for kids in grades 7-9.

My oldest is an incoming 7th grader and is currently reading Hey, Kiddo by Jarrett Krosoczka. He is absolutely loving it!

My oldest’s love for reading didn’t come instantaneously. He is my math and science lover. When he was a second grader, I perceived that he always preferred a comic book—Captain Underpants—or facts, but didn’t exactly love to pick up books. However, this mama never gives up! I was—and still am—relentless in the pursuit of helping him find books to spark interest in reading. Read More

The importance of dystopian literature

I have kids in 3 completely different stages of reading and I love nurturing plus growing each stage of literacy.

I introduced The Giver to my oldest when he was in 5th grade and that was the commencement of his love for dystopian and science fiction—which happens to also be his mama’s favorite genres of literature!

He has been begging me to let him read my favorite book in these genres—Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. I keep explaining that even though he is a mature 12 year old, some of the storyline is not appropriate for his age. He will have to wait until high school—sorry buddy.

Dystopian literature is an important genre for young minds to read—it offers a vision of the future by exploring the dangerous effects of political and social structures on humanity. 
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